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Before Panda there was Soto. I was matched with him through Canines with a cause. Canines with a cause is a very good program. They rescue dogs and then place them in a Canine Good Citizen training program in prisons. Then match them with disabled vets in need of a service dog. This is not a program that trains the program for the vet. they work with the vet to train the dog. It is a lot of work but certainly worth the effort. It creates the necessary bond between the vet and the dog.

Versa Dog Sports Layton Utah

Versa Dog Sports is the first training program I took Panda to. She started with her Puppy class and then went to Canine Good Citizen training. She was a bit young at the time. She did very well but had issues with wanting to play with the other dogs. They also have a very good play school program. It is similar to doggy daycare but the dogs get training while they are there. They will ask if there is a specific area that the dog is struggling with. If they can help with it during the Play School they will. If not they will help you in other ways. Panda also took an agility class here. If Pandas Page had a rating system Versa Dog Sports would get four paws. Our of a possible four Paws.



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