Panda Loves her Jeep
Don't worry I almost never let her drive. She is hard on the clutch


I Am frequently asked about training and specific behaviors their dog is exhibiting. 

Why train your dog? The truth is you can tell yourself you’re training your dog. But honestly, it is actually you that is being trained. You get trained on how to handle your dog. You learn why your does certain things and how to recognize the bad things. You also learn how to communicate with your dog positively. 

An example is: Why is my dog getting into things she knows she is not supposed to. Usually, this is because your dog is bored. Keep in mind different breeds require different types and amounts of exercise. My dog Panda is a very smart high-energy dog. She needs physical and mental exercise, She walks every day, and most days, I take her to chase the ball. Panda is a two-year-old Border Collie or Bordoodle if you prefer that. She is built to run and herd. So the walk and the ball are not enough. I need to help her exercise her brain too. Sometimes we do that through training. Other times I will do it with a puzzle she has to solve. Remember, you want her to succeed. A small win is still a win. Lots of praise, 

My sister had a french bulldog one hot summer day; my other sister wanted to help out and took the French Bulldog for a long walk. Then for a long visit to the Vet. Her French bulldog needs short periods of exercise, Maybe playing on the family room floor. Fortunately, besides a large vet bill, my sister’s dog was okay. 

Locking your dog in your backyard all day and night does not constitute exercise It is abuse. Dogs are social and need the company of the pack. Putting them in the backyard alone separates her from the pack. Look at your dog and watch how she reacts. The tail will wag she will get excited. All she wants is to please you. 

Panda is a working dog; she does not herd sheep. She is a service dog. She works hard at that. It is exhausting for her to be around all those people, go to all those places, and stay focused on me. She is very good at it and has saved my life twice.  

Please love our dog, and she will love you. For more information on caring for your dog look at some of the links on my website. 

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