I know the last few blogs have been kind of dry. So I thought I would try one that is a little more fun. So I researched Bizarre dog facts. I found some things about dogs that people may not know or maybe you will say of course I knew that. My dog does that and more.

Do dogs have a sense of time? It seems to me that Panda Certainly has a concept of time. She knows when we are supposed to get up and when we are supposed to go to bed. She even knows when the workday is supposed to be done. She is not a fan of overtime.

Dogs do have a sense of time. They know the difference between one hour and five hours. They know that dinner time is approaching. Anyone who has a dog knows they understand when it’s dinner time. But it’s more than that. They know that in an hour it’s time to eat.

Is your dog smarter than a fifth grader? There are times when I think Panda is smarter than a PHD. Or maybe it’s that she has a PHD in mischievousness’. She seems to plan things out, for example, last night she got her bedtime treat when she went to bed. A small piece of it fell out of her crate. At first, she tried to get to it when she realized she could not she went to sleep. Morning came I opened her door and she immediately went for the treat. She had put it together that she could not get the treat then but that she would be able to in the morning.

According to research Dogs are not as smart as a fifth grader. They are on the same level as a two-year-old. Like a two year-year-old they understand about 250 words and gestures. I guess I need to be more careful what I say to Panda. There was a point in time when she thought her name was “Dammit Panda.” One word wasted apparently. If your dog is in the car with you and in a moment of road rage you yell a couple of expletives and add in a single-digit hand gesture. Just like your two-year-old you have taught your dog new words and a gesture. So when your dog looks at you like you’re nuts when you tell her to come. You have exceeded her vocabulary limit and a word had to go.

How about this one Why is it that dogs seem to know when we are sick or not feeling well? Their sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than their human’s sense of smell. Dogs can actually smell your feelings. Panda once reacted poorly to a visitor in our home. I was surprised she is usually friendly to visitors. She is sure they came to spend with her cuteness. It turns out the person was a diabetic and her sugar was a little high. The visitor was with a dog trainer from Elite Dog training of Northern Utah. The trainer told me that they train dogs to help diabetics because they can smell that change. Apparently, they are not a fan of the smell when a human’s blood sugar is high.

I’m going to call that good for now. I will do a part two of this blog. I really would like this to be a forum where people can brag about or share things about their dogs. It doesn’t matter if it’s pure bread, a doodle, a mixed breed, even if it is a chihuahua. Take a moment to share how smart your loyal friend. Dogs truly are amazing. If you are looking for a superhero a dog would be it. Come on Chihuahua owners. I’m sure there is something about your dog that is more of an accessory than a dog.

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