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Panda Goes to Bootcamp

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On Monday, November 1, 2021, Panda started her first day of a two-week boot camp program in Sunset, Utah. The program is through K9 Fluent Dog Training. Initially, I choked over the price, but now I certainly see the value in it. Panda has been through other training, so she was already ahead of the game. Suppose she was going to be a pet. The Puppy obedience training and the Canine good citizen would have been fine. However, Panda is training for so much more. As a service dog, she needs to be exceptionally well trained. She needs to overcome some of her unique problems. 

What are her Unique problems? For starters, she hates the windshield wipers in the car. When she sees them come on, she will aggressively bark and lunge at them, trying to attack them. She loves riding in the car, but at times, it can be an adventure. I think she may have a bit of OCD. When the vehicle is first started, she has to bite it somewhere—usually, the seat belts or the dashboard. 

I have learned since getting Panda it is not a case of just training Panda. Both of us have to be taught, and once we have been learned something new. We have to practice regularly, and I have to remind her of what she has learned consistently. 

This past Friday was Panda’s last day at boot camp. I was concerned about spending the money on the training, but I am happy to say the class was a good investment. Over the past two weeks, she has learned so much, as have I. 

The boot camp program came with three one on one training sessions. We have completed two of them and have one more next Friday. This one will be here at my house. I also have the opportunity to attend group classes held weekly at the training facility.  We will certainly participate in the group training. If nothing else, it will help with her socialization and reinforce what we have learned. 

She will also attend training at Versa Dog Sports. She enjoys the Playschool program there. She can attend either the four-hour or eight hour class during the day. Playschool is more than doggy daycare. It also includes training and socialization. She does so much better in a structured environment. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be working on her leash walking skills and healing. Walking, she can smell things (check her pee-mail) and is given a little more leash. With heal, Panda is supposed to be on my left side and walk without going in front of me.  

One of the things we are working on this week is teaching her not to answer the doorbell. She has a matt in the kitchen that she is supposed to go to when the doorbell rings. She should stay in her Place, and the visitor will greet her if or when they are ready.  She must be on all fours for them to acknowledge her. 

Overall I would say that we sent a dog who uses her powers of intelligence for evil purposes. Now she listens and obeys. We do still have some work to do with her, so it becomes second nature. 

After Thanksgiving, she is going to attend the Canine Good Citizen Class (CGC). Panda has previously taken the class at Versa Dog sports. They did an excellent job training, but I think she was still a little too young. 

Closing this out, I must say that Panda enjoyed her training and the people at K9 Fluent Dog Training. She is such a sweet dog. A while back, I taught her to give a high five that has morphed into her waving at people. 

Thank you to the people at K9 Fluent Dog Training. I look forward to her attending more training with them. 

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